March 11th, 2015

sihlogoSound Integrative Health is the naturopathic medical practice of Dr. Adam Rinde, a Bastyr University trained Naturopathic Physician . We are located in Kirkland, Washington central to many eastside communities.

Naturopathic Medicine guides people in the restoration of health through a holistic perspective. We strive to address the cause rather then the symptoms. And, we aim to help restore health through facilitating the body’s innate healing process. When necessary we will incorporate conventional approaches for evaluation including physical exam, labwork, imaging, and appropriate conventional medication. However, we are different then conventional medicine in that we offer holistic approaches to addressing health problems.

At Sound Integrative Health, we incorporate aspects of nutrition, lifestyle changes, exercise, botanical medicine, and hands-on manual therapies. However, we are trained to determine when conventional therapies are appropriate and necessary. When the situation arises we are networked with conventional health care providers and will refer accordingly.

If you are new to Naturopathic Medicine you may enjoy reading this article on “what to expect” when seeing a naturopath.

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